Milanese Streewear Stalwarts IUTER and SPECTRUM Craft a '90s-Themed Diadora Collab

OG streetwear meets the children of today in the IUTER x SPECTRUM x Diadora N9002 collaboration.

IUTER, founded in 2022, has built a steady reputation of delivering streetwear infused with nostalgic charm, while SPECTRUM leans into the blending of “phygital” art installation-meets-store spaces to deliver an unparalleled retail experience. With Diadora in tow, the two flex their creative muscles on the N9002, delivering a collaborative design in either “Giro” or “Tour” colorways.

For the collaboration, the three come together to re-energize the 1992 model with either pink or blue-centric tones, celebrating the bold cycling aesthetic of the 1990s. It’s an era that all three fondly reminisce, and have honored with the three-way sneaker by adding tribal tattoo-style detailing to the icy transparent outsoles.

Italian motifs, pirate cartoon-ery, and tri-branded detailing work all the usual spots, such as the tongues, while Diadora’s signature premium touch is applied all over. As a result, we find the sneakers made from a mix of pigskin suede, full-grain leather, tight-knitted mesh and technical nylon.

In addition to the shoes, IUTER x SPECTRUM x Diadora presents a white track jacket designed to be worn when breathability and water-repellence is key, as well as a long-sleeve pocket tee and pink sports socks, all of which sport more tribal designs.

The IUTER x SPECTRUM x Diadora collaboration is set to release at SPECTRUM’s De Amicis 23, Milan store on May 4. It will then drop again on May 5 via IUTER, SPECTRUM, and Diadora websites and at the IUTER store in Milan.

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