Mercedes-Benz Strips Down G-Class for a Pair of Mil-Spec Search and Rescue Vehicles

Continuing its work to assist search and rescue personnel or military operations, Mercedes-Benz has now unveiled two non-civilian, stripped-down G-Class vehicles designed specifically for these missions.

Coming in the form of the BA06 and BA09, the former is based on the company’s Station-Wagon models and comes in the form of a closed, five-door four-seater. A 3.0-liter straight-six diesel engine powers the vehicle and gives it a 1.0 tonne payload for a gross weight of 3.5 tonnes, although additional payloads can be transported with a 3.5-tonne trailer on the back. It’ll also be able to carry up to 200kg on its roof, with ample room for equipment.

As for the BA09, the two-door cab has been designed for two-person teams and offers a longer cab space to accommodate a new seating system providing greater comfort as well as extra storage space for both luggage and equipment. The vehicle carries a double triangular mounting bracket to provide torsion-free and low-vibration attachment for load carriers, with the additional option of an intermediate frame to allow for more agile movements when off-roading. It’ll also come with a range of more than 600 km and a payload capacity of 2.5 tonnes.

“Since its launch in 1979, the G has been demonstrating responsibility in service of the community,” writes Mercedes-Benz. “Iconic, robust and almost indestructible: as a vehicle for Rescue and Special Operations, the new G-Class model series 464 ensures maximum mobility even under the most difficult conditions and impresses with new equipment such as the Emergency Override Switch for emergency situations. Emergency crews whose task is to protect, rescue and safeguard can always rely on the durable all-terrain vehicle with the three-pointed star.”

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