Meghan Markle Reportedly Has a Power Grip on the Royal Family That They Still Fear

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Meghan Markle’s next steps in her career seem to be drawing the curiosity of many royal watchers. She and Prince Harry had a professional setback with the Spotify deal being canceled, but it’s not the end of the world for them — it happens all of the time in the entertainment industry. They need to refocus their post-royal mission, but there appears to be one thing the palace is worried about when it comes to Meghan Markle. 

The royal family reportedly is holding their breath about a possible Meghan memoir if her current projects, like the Netflix adaptation of Meet Me at the Lake, fail. An insider told The Telegraph, “If the film flops, then they’ll no doubt revert to mud-slinging.” The Duchess of Sussex’s friends have continually said that an autobiography is currently not on her radar, especially since she and her high-powered agents at William Morris Endeavor are hoping to craft an A-list image for her. But the source revealed the real reason why the palace is allegedly sweating a bit. “Everyone’s worried about the prospect of Meghan writing her autobiography and naming the ‘royal racist,’” they added. 

Harry and Meghan both seem excited about the prospect of turning the page away from their royal life. They’ve firmly planted themselves in California, and despite all of the family pushback on Harry’s memoir, Spare, he did not name the relative who made comment about Prince Archie’s skin color. He’s the one who has felt the most betrayal from his family, so if he didn’t identify them, neither will Meghan. The British tabloids seem to be obsessed with every move the Sussexes make while they are busy planning a life in the U.S. 


It does seem likely that Meghan will write a book later in her life after some time has passed and she can reflect on her short stint at the palace. But to think that a memoir is front and center at this stage in her career seems short-sighted after all she’s been through. So, the royal family shouldn’t be worried… unless they did something wrong and have a guilty conscience about it.

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