Matt Damon's Daughter Is Probably Explaining Why He Shouldn't Have Told That F-Slur Story Right Now

Out of the mouths of babes and into the ears of Matt Damon. This week, Stillwater leading man Matt Damon volunteered an anecdote about his home life that left many wondering how he could have failed to absorb one of the key tenets of the lesson he’d reportedly learned as he shared how his daughter had, recently, talked him out of his continued use of a homophobic slur beginning with “f.” Let us be unequivocally clear: A Matt Damon who does not say this f-word is superior to a Damon who does by all accounts. But in sharing this story in which he freely admits to frequent use of the word until recently and recapitulates his dismissive response to his daughter’s initial protests, Damon risks coming off as a man more interested in touting his daughter’s particularly strong (and well-written) objections to the word than someone who truly absorbed the harmful nature of the word itself.

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