Matt Damon & Chris Hemsworth’s Travel Adventures Are Making Us LOL

Close friends Matt Damon and Chris Hemsworth are also veteran travel buddies — but not every trip (or any) the pals take together seem to go as planned…

Damon laughed about some of the pair’s more eventful travel experiences together during a recent interview on The Ellen DeGeneres show. Off the bat, DeGeneres pointed out that Hemsworth considers Damon to be “very bad luck” — especially when he’s visiting Australia.

Indeed, Damon recalled of a recent trip, “I stepped on a snake the last time I was there — an eight-foot python.”

Yes, that’s just the kind of thing that happens in Australia, Damon noted. “I was getting out of a car — that’s how many things in Australia are crazy — in a neighborhood that was bordering an area with trees going down to the beach. We were going to the beach and we were going to hike down this little trail and I got out of the car and I stepped on something that felt like a giant piece of wood. I got out of the car and I looked down and it was a snake that big,” he gestured.

Damon might have been moved by the experience, but the snake was unimpressed. “It didn’t even notice that I was on it,” he said. “I jumped off of it in my flip-flops and it just kept going.”

Damon explained that it wasn’t the only dubious thing to happen on vacation in Australia. Another time, he said, “My daughter Stella got stung by a jellyfish.” Of course, DeGeneres asked the obvious question: Did someone pee on her to mitigate the sting?

It turns out, according to Damon, that’s not a thing. “I’d been stung by a jellyfish once in Hawaii,” he said. “We were fishing for the day with some friends of mine who were all like,

Matt Damon & Chris Hemsworth’s Travel Adventures are Making us LOL

But it turns out that’s something that somebody made up because they thought it was funny. What you’re supposed to do is put somebody in a really hot bath and get a sponge — because it’s these tiny little needles that are in you — [and use it to] brush them out.”

Or, he said, joking about the risks he seems to encounter with Hemsworth in Australia, “Just stay in America and you’ll be fine.”

Damon recalled plenty of happier times on the continent with Hemsworth, too — including a glamping experience in “desolate, beautiful” Western Australia. Watch the whole clip to hear him spill the rest.

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