Marvel Is Finally Getting Its Own MMORPG

After a flurry of mobile games and some more fleshed-out RPGs from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics, Marvel Comics is finally diving into the MMO world.

The news came from an investor presentation by Dimensional Ink, the same developer behind DC Comics’s own MMORPG DC Universe Online. While all that has been revealed right now is simply an MMO based on Marvel’s massive roster of superheroes and stories, we also know that the game is still a few good years away, even for just its trailers or teasers. DC Universe Online‘s lead Jack Emmert will also helm Marvel’s project.

Most interestingly, as Kotaku points out, Daybreak (Dimensional Ink’s parent company) had announced plans to develop a Marvel MMO as early as 2018, although the studio was subsequently hit with layoffs and the project was seemingly put on the back burner.

Since the game is still in an extremely early stage of development, there’s no release window for the MMORPG just yet, so fans of the Marvel universe should stay tuned for more updates to come.

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