Man’s Tinder chat takes odd turn when date reveals she’s in hospital having baby

Online dating can be an interesting experience, and you end up chatting with some weird and wonderful characters.

While most conversations focus on interests, careers and hobbies, others can take a slightly stranger turn.

One singleton found himself in a bizarre exchange after the woman he matched with told him she was in hospital about to have a baby.

Brad Galloway, from Richmond, North Yorkshire, matched with the woman on New Year’s Eve and the pair started chatting.

When he asked her what she was up to today, she said she was in hospital.

Concerned, he asked why, to which she replied: "Having my baby ah" with a kiss.

She goes on to say that she’s "gutted" she’s unable to go out an celebrate the New Year.

Brad shared a screengrab of their conversation on Twitter with the caption: "No fun this Tinder s****".

People were baffled and amused by the exchange, and the post has been liked more than 120,000 times.

One person replied: "Gutted she’s not going out. Wow."

Another added: "Excuse me WHAT."

One woman jokes: "Modern dating haha", to which her pal replied "This was not the first tweet I needed to see in 2019".

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