Major Service Providers Blocked a Combined 50 Billion Scam Calls in Recent Years

Major U.S. service providers have blocked more than 50 billion scam calls in 2021.

Over the course of the year, T-Mobile alone filtered out a staggering 21 billion suspicious calls with its Scam Shield system, averaging 1.8 billion calls each month which roughly translates to an incredible 700 calls per second. According to a company report, over half of the total sum was related to fake vehicle warranty scams, while other major scams involved the impersonation of wireless provides, car insurance companies, package delivery staff and even Social Security employees. The most-targetted regions include Arizona, Florida, Georgia and Texas.

T-Mobile aside, both AT&T and Verizon also recorded massive figures, with the former’s Active Armor blocking more than 16 billion calls over the past five years and the latter filtering out 13 billion with its own Call Filter service. In total, T-Mobile says American wireless customers are projected to lose $29.8 billion USD over 2021 alone to these fraudsters.

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