Maille and Mike's Hot Honey Collide for a Hot Honey Dijon Release

Setting the gold standard of Dijon mustard for nearly 275 years, premium French name Maille has now tapped Mike’s Hot Honey for a Hot Honey Dijon release. Teaming up with America’s favorite hot honey brand, the duo put together a spicy-sweet condiment perfect for any gourmet gastronomic creation.

The Maille x Mike’s Hot Honey Hot Honey Dijon starts with Maille’s classic Dijon Originale smooth mustard, developed back in 1747, which then elevated with the honey infused with chilies. The resulting concoction is sweet, creamy and tangy ideal for dipping fries, pretzels, fried chicken, topping sandwiches, kicking up a sauce, vinaigrette,
or simply adding a punch of flavor to any recipe.

Founder of Mike’s Hot Honey, Mike Kurtz, said “The Mike’s Hot Honey team has always loved Maille Mustard. When I tasted the final product, I was completely blown away by the harmony of the two flavors. We’re excited to have contributed to a new product that combines the best aspects of both Maille’s mustard and our hot honey, and to give foodies and fans a new way to enjoy a little sweet heat on their favorite foods.”

Maille’s Mustard Sommelier, Brandon Collins, noted “this was a natural fit for both brands, given that both Maille Dijon and Mike’s Hot Honey are loved across the country, and even around the world. The Maille Hot Honey Dijon Mustard with Mike’s Hot Honey is unlike any other condiment on the grocery shelf.”

Available in convenient in 9.4oz squeeze bottles, the Maille x Mike’s Hot Honey Hot Honey Dijon is available now on Amazon.

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