Magical Gifts Inspired by the Elements but Shaped by the Hand

From left: Abigail Brown coati sculpture, $515, Asprey fox-head decanter, $3,300, (212) 688-1811. Louis Vuitton Les Petits Nomades flowers by Atelier Oï (scattered throughout), price on request, Sam Tho Duong pearl and silver necklace, $26,400, Kirk Maxson “Jack London Oak” sculpture, $3,000, Kirk Maxson “California Bay Laurel” sculpture (overhead), $4,000. Sam Tho Duong pearl and silver necklace, $24,000. White pumpkin, $16, Rocio acacia wood handbag, $1,125, Chocolate geode by Abby Wilcox, $5,000, (607) 287-7297. Asprey dipping-duck bottle stopper, $1,100. L’Objet Haas Brothers vessel from the Limited-Edition Second Skin Series, $3,500, Creel and Gow Chilean flamingo, $12,000, Jacobsen Salt Co. pink Himalayan salt, $10 for 7.5 ounces, Jean Roger Paris ceramic algae candlestick, $125, Chocolate geode by Abby Wilcox, $8,000. Antique Black Forest German carved wooden deer head, $625, L’Objet Haas Brothers Lynda plate box, $450.

Clockwise from left: Fern Fans birch-wood hand fans (scattered throughout), from $70, Bahina yellow daisy earrings, $2,950, Hillier Bartley goat hair-trimmed bag, $1,384, Paola Paronetto bowl, $300, Nineteenth-century gilt bronze candlesticks, $1,500, Piera Bochner romanesco candle, about $50, Facture Goods woodland berry spoon, $50, Bahina pink daisy earrings, $3,150. Bee Local bee pollen, $40 for 17.6 ounces, Chen Chen & Kai Williams stone candleholder, $64, Abigail Brown zebra finch sculpture, $375.

Clockwise from left: Abigail Brown hare sculpture, $415. Creel and Gow glass bell jar with coral, $2,800. Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello leather and antelope-hair shoe (sold as pair), $2,095, David Yurman amazonite and lavender spinel necklace, price on request, Sindarve Lammgard Gotland sheep fur, $600, John Hardy tiger iron and black mother-of-pearl earring (sold as pair), $25,000, (888) 838-3022. Bouchon Bakery Bûche de Noël cake, $48 for eight inches, Maison Auclert Paris antique rock crystal and diamond ring, $6,500, Hillier Bartley feather brooch, $252.

Clockwise from bottom left: Jacobsen Salt Co. pure flake finishing salt, $55 for 17.6 ounces. Wempe pocket watch, $1,360, (212) 397-9000. Bordallo Pinheiro earthenware clam, $25, and jack mackerel, $95, Bartleby Objects silk knot, $595, Cameron’s Seafood Maryland large blue crab, $70 for a dozen, Hermès pocket watch, price on request, Paola Paronetto vase, $225. Kirk Maxson ‘‘Fatsia Japonica Leaf’’ sculpture, $200. Hayward mohair bag, $590. Belperron turquoise and aquamarine earrings, $52,500, (212) 702-9040. Fernando Jorge diamond, nephrite jade and green tourmaline earrings, $34,930, The Pursuits of Happiness Del Mar pipe, $95, Asprey egg salt-and-pepper shaker set, $1,550.

Clockwise from left: Jean Roger Paris ceramic flamme cup, $1,095. Chestnuts (scattered throughout), $5 per pound, Terrain golden tulip ornament, $18, Rita Soto horsehair and tampico fiber brooch, $550, Terrain glass mushroom ornament, $32. Kirk Maxson ‘‘Medium Thistle Flower’’ sculpture, $400. Jean Roger Paris ceramic vase, $1,350. Terrain golden anemone ornament, $18. David Webb emerald, azurmalachite and diamond ring, $28,000, Terrain glass apple ornament, $38. Lobmeyr tumbler, $236, Silvia Furmanovich wood marquetry, emerald and amethyst earrings, $9,680, Rita Soto horsehair and tampico fiber brooch, $1,000. Gucci turquoise resin and crystal necklace, $5,950,

Left box, clockwise from left: Silvia Furmanovich wood marquetry, pink tourmaline and diamond earrings, $10,120. Large ammonite fossils (scattered throughout), $60 each, Bordallo Pinheiro ceramic watermelon tureen, $115. Terrain glass pear ornament, $38. Key lime tree, $100, Irene Neuwirth emerald, turquoise and pearl earrings, $76,560, Piping Plover Love wool sheep sculpture, $195, Silvia Furmanovich wood marquetry, green tourmaline, tsavorite and diamond earrings, $14,740. Terrain glass mushroom ornament, $32. Right box, clockwise from left: Warted gourd, $25, 28th Street Wholesale Flowers, (212) 967-5610. Key lime tree, $100. Terrain glass mandarin orange ornament, $12. Jean Roger Paris ceramic cabbage, $750. Fernando Jorge diamond, petrified wood, tagua seed and mother-of- pearl earrings, $13,570. Compartés fruit cocktail dark chocolate bar, $10, Terrain glass mushroom ornament, $32.

Retouching: Anonymous Retouch. Photographer’s assistants: Karl Leitz, Yuhsing Lin, Jess Kirkham and Vanessa Vargas. Set assistants: Jay Jansen and Todd Knopke. Geodes based on a process developed by Prof. Peter Greweling of the Culinary Institute of America.

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