Levi's Partners With European Design Collectives to Explore Post-Consumer Denim

Levi’s has announced a partnership with the British Council and its Architecture Design and Fashion programme. Through this partnership, interdisciplinary designers from across Europe were invited to apply, with two collectives then invited to collaborate on a body of work that showcases innovative uses for Levi’s denim offcuts.

The two collectives — Netherland’s based design-lab Envisions and British educational association STORE — are due to exhibit these works at Levi’s Haus in London, as well as hosting a series of workshops. Envisions and STORE focused on three categories for their work: Mixing Fibres, Connecting Fabrics and Exploring Yarns. These research classifications are the basis of the Levi’s Haus exhibition, which includes more than 75 experiments with new techniques and new materials on display.

Launching the project, Envisions said:

“When it comes to post-consumer denim, the sky’s the limit. Denim is a very well known material; we all recognise it as the pair of jeans we have in our wardrobes, but this exhibition will hopefully show denim’s capabilities beyond garment design. From the outset, we set ourselves the goal to come up with material solutions that could transcend fashion, looking at interior spaces for example. We wanted to challenge the possibilities of this iconic material we all know and love, and ultimately, encourage consumers to think about the principles of circular design.”

The exhibition will be open from April 20 until May 5, with bookings for workshops — on topics including the making of denim baskets and indigo crayons — available via the Levi’s 247 app.

In related news, Levi’s also recently launched a new capsule for Pride Month.
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