Ledger Stax: Incredible Demand Forces Pre-Order Closure

Ledger, a leading crypto security company, has announced a major milestone: 6 million devices sold in the second half of 2022, signifying an explosive upward trend in consumer demand.  November 2022 became the most successful sales month in the company’s eight-year history.

In December, Ledger Stax was unveiled to much fanfare at Ledger Op3n in Paris, and it has since seen an unprecedented demand. Due to the high interest, pre-orders for Ledger Stax have been officially closed. “We would like to thank everyone who minted their NFTs, pre-ordered on Ledger.com, and our retail partners (including Best Buy) who anticipated the demand and ordered devices ahead of time. We have no more stock until the end of summer in 2023.” Ledger shared with Hypemoon

Those who redeemed the Ledger Stax NFT will get their devices with the exclusive magnet shell cases starting in April. For those who pre-ordered on the Ledger website, shipments are expected in May. Currently, Ledger Stax NFTs are available to purchase on secondary markets such as OpenSea.

Ledger anticipates that they will open pre-orders again shortly and will announce the exact date ahead of time. Ian Rogers, the Chief Experience Officer at Ledger, expressed his enthusiasm for the product:

“Unsurprisingly Ledger Stax is the most successful product launch in the eight year history of Ledger – between sales on Ledger.com, the Ledger Stax mint on [ LEDGER ] Market, and demand from retailers around the world (including Best Buy in North America), demand has already exceeded our supply through summer 2023,” said Ian Rogers, Chief Experience Officer at Ledger. “The curved E Ink® touch screen on this device designed by our friend and iPod-inventor Tony Fadell is a first for any device, not only Ledgers. We’re in love with this device, and we’re glad to see the crypto and NFT community is excited to get their hands on them! We’ll be shipping the first devices to people who have preordered this spring and can’t wait to get these in your hands in 2023!”

As the first hardware wallet on the market that can display digital art, the Stax’s user interface is highly customizable, allowing individuals to customize their screen with their favorite artwork or design, while enabling a clear, intuitive engagement. Its “E-Ink” display, which spans from the front of the device and curving around its spine, allows for an individual to view the entire transaction details at a glance.

The news of Ledger’s success will inevitably send sent shockwaves through the crypto and NFT community. People are excited to finally get their hands on the revolutionary product —but they will have to wait until late spring of 2023. In the meantime, Ledger continues to dominate the market, pushing the boundaries of crypto security and innovation.

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