LeBron James Fined $15,000 USD for Sam Cassell Celebration in Pacers Win

When it comes to celebrating on court, not everything goes. The NBA revealed that is fining LeBron James $15,000 USD for making an “obscene gesture” in the Los Angeles Lakers‘ latest match against Indiana Pacers. After drilling a huge three-pointer that sealed the Lakers’ win in overtime, pushing them to take the game with 124-116 final score, James celebrated with the classic Sam Cassell “Big Balls” celebration as he made his way back down the court.

The NBA has been recently fining its players for using this act as a celebration, which has been widely popular lately across the sports world and the league. Toronto Raptors guard Fred VanVleet was recently fined the same amount when he hit the Cassell move earlier this month.

The game against the Indiana Pacers saw James drop a season-high of 39 points, also marking his first game back since the Isaiah Stewart altercation. At the same game, James got two fans ejected for their “obscene gestures and language.” When speaking about his suspension, James said, ” I mean, it’s some bullshit. But whatever.” NBA officials also warned James of using any “profane language during media availability in response to league imposed discipline” after the match.

Take a look at the Sam Cassell’s celebration below.

In other NBA news, Isaiah Stewart has claimed LeBron James purposedly elbowed him in the face.
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