Lamborghini Teases Launch of Fully Electric Supercar

Lamborghini has just teased a new vehicle in silhouette form, showing the top half of what is assumed to be the automaker’s first fully electric vehicle. Comments from the public on the post range from almost comedic to some that say it could be the end of an era.

In the comment section, X users called for just about everything, including a non-EV and EV alike, a 12-cylinder, a four-door wagon, a V8 to replace the Huracan, “something affordable,” or anything other than an Aventador re-skin. Of all the guesses, it is most likely to be an EV, considering the brand’s publicly shared goal to have a market-ready fully electric vehicle by 2030.

An EV would also make the most sense, as Lamborghini has been consistently releasing hybridized vehicles like its Revuelto plug-in a few months ago and more recently its hybrid SC63 Le Mans Racer.

It won’t be long until the assumed EV concept car is revealed though, as Lamborghini has plans to debut it during Monterey Car Week on August 18.

Considering the move to full electrification is a massive undertaking for any brand, let alone one building to the standards of Lamborghini, it is likely we’ll still see a significant amount of hybrid examples prior to a full EV becoming a mainline offering for the brand.

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