King Charles III's Coronation Is Being Called Prince Harry's 'Last Royal Hurrah' for This Understandable Reason

Saturday’s coronation of King Charles III went off without a hitch for Prince Harry. He had a whirlwind 28 hours in London and still made it home to catch the tail end of Prince Archie’s fourth birthday on the West Coast. While the ceremony was a historic day for the king, it might have been the last time we see the Duke of Sussex in such a royal way. 

Even though Harry was relaxed and jovial when greeting people, it was hard not to see how excited he was to go home — home to the United States. His mad dash into the car when it arrived in front of Westminster Abbey was quite apparent. Coronation day is what The Telegraph is dubbing the Duke of Sussex’s “last royal hurrah” — he’s done with his former life and it’s time for everyone to move on. The early days of Meghan and Harry’s marriage and the energy they brought to the royal family are gone because the Royal Rota (and perhaps a few family members) had a different agenda. They don’t like it when a new star comes into the royal orbit. 

So, the couple wisely took their talents elsewhere and they are now building their brand in the entertainment, tech, and philanthropic circles. The Duchess of Sussex’s new agents, if successful, could launch her into the elite A-list world of producers, public speakers, and authors — her short-lived royal life will be nothing but a distant memory. The narrative that Harry is unhappy in Montecito just doesn’t hold true, he looked like he couldn’t wait to get home to his wife and two children after the two-hour ceremony. 

Without another major royal event, it’s unclear when U.K. citizens will see him in his hometown again. “No other royal event of such a magnitude that could tempt him (or force him) to attend is on the horizon,” noted The Telegraph. Saturday was truly the end of an era for so many reasons, and it was quite evident that Prince Harry finally closed his royal chapter.

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