Kelly Ripa’s Older Kids Are Not Into Her PDA with Mark Consuelos

Many of us can probably relate to feeling weird when people are using PDA around us — especially if it’s our parents. In a highly relatable interview, Kelly Ripa revealed that her older kids are vocal about how weird they find her moments of PDA with her husband, their father, Mark Consuelos.

“So my daughter and my older son, if there’s PDA, they are disgusted. And by PDA I don’t mean … We’re not making out, but if there’s PDA, like, if Mark gives me a kiss, they’re like, ‘Ugh, ugh!’” Ripa told Us Weekly in an exclusive interview published on Nov. 21. “I mean, really, that’s the reaction. They’re disgusted!”

She told Us that while Lola and Michael often tell her and Consuelos to cut it out, their younger son, Joaquin, thinks their PDA is kind of sweet.

“He’s like, ‘Aw, that’s so nice.’ He’s still sweet,” Ripa joked. “They haven’t ruined him yet, the other two, but I know it’s coming. I’ve got, like, a year left and then he’ll be like, ‘Ew!’”

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Now that their kids are getting older, Ripa told Us that she and Consuelos are ready to embrace the future when Michael and his siblings move on from their family home and come into their own as adults: “Mark and I had our kids so young that Joaquin will be out of the house and, in three years, we’re still going to be young,” she said. “I mean, we’re not gonna be newborns, but we’re gonna be young. Young enough to still have a full life, so I’m not dreading that at all.”

Ripa has fielded a lot of unnecessary criticism from internet trolls about her life, including body-shaming comments from people who think she’s “too old” to be vacationing in a bikini with Consuelos. It would seem, from her interview with Us, that she’s plenty comfortable with herself, her marriage, and her plans for the future regardless of what anyone thinks. Her attitude is pretty inspirational.

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