Kelly Clarkson's Talk Show Reportedly Has Similar 'Toxic' Work Issues That Plagued Ellen DeGeneres

Now that The Kelly Clarkson Show is headed to New York City as a part of Kelly Clarkson’s “next chapter,” a new report is claiming that things aren’t so rosy behind the scenes. Eleven of the talk show host’s current and former employees spoke anonymously about the “toxic environment” on the set.

Rolling Stone took a deep dive into the “high-pressure” working conditions that are common in daytime television. Even though Clarkson’s show is filled with joy and singing on viewers’ TV screens, her employees are telling a much different tale. One former crew member shared with the media outlet, “NBC is protecting the show because it’s their new moneymaker, but Kelly has no clue how unhappy her staff is.”

Many of the complaints seem to be directed at executive producer and showrunner Alex Duda, who has a long history in TV, including stints with Tyra Banks and Steve Harvey’s talk shows. Despite HR filings about Duda, many former staffers claim she created a workplace that was filled with bullying, cursing, and yelling — it eventually “deteriorated” their mental health. The former employees still have high praise for The Voice judge, but they want to make her aware of the conditions they are working under.

“Kelly is fantastic. She is a person who never treats anyone with anything but dignity and is incredibly appreciative,” another former crew member shared. “I would be shocked if she knew. The Kelly that I interacted with and that everyone knows would probably be pretty aghast to learn that.” If this workplace battle sounds familiar, it’s very similar to the on-set strife The Ellen DeGeneres Show experienced in 2020. It led to the ousting of several producers and brought forward meaningful changes for the employees who stayed through her final seasons. With Clarkson making a big move to the East Coast, this could be a great opportunity for the network to hold people accountable for their behavior and create an environment that is healthy and happy.

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