KAWS TOKYO FIRST Hosts Raffle for KAWS [email protected] and Figures

“KAWS TOKYO FIRST,” a large-scale exhibition featuring 150 works from pop artist KAWS including interactive experiences, augmented reality, and the artist’s private collection will commence at Mori Arts Center Gallery in Tokyo June 16. To commemorate this event, limited edition items such as the UNIQLO “KAWS UT” collection and Companion Keychains were released. It has been announced that additional highly-coveted products will be sold via lottery.

The 13 raffle sale goods are available for registration starting today. Included in the mix are KAWS [email protected] in 100%, 400%, and 1000%, two 340mm tall KAWS Family sets, and individual KAWS figures at around 280-290mm (400%). The items are priced from ¥24,200 to ¥82,500 JPY (approximately $220 t0 $745 USD).

To enter the raffle, exhibition ticket holders must sign up before July 11, with results to be announced on July 15. For those who can’t make it, products eligible for the raffle will also be on sale in limited quantities at the KAWS TOKYO FIRST online store in September. Head over to the exhibition website for additional details.

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