KAWS Partners With Museum of Graffiti for Collector’s Cereal Box Giveaway

Whether it be eroded sculptures or figurines, Brian Donnelly a.k.a. KAWS’ works continue to bring a fun take on nostalgia. Now, the American artist has teamed up with the Museum of Graffiti for a collector’s cereal box giveaway.

This Halloween weekend only, the Museum of Graffiti is set to provide complimentary KAWS-designed cereal boxes for all ticketed visitors. Featuring four flavors, the cereal boxes include General Mills’ Count Chocula, Boo-Berry, Franken Berry and Frute Brute Monster with vintage styling of the original editions. The limited-edition collector’s boxes come encased in clear acrylic cases.

The collector’s edition cereal boxes are limited to one box per household. Check out the creations in the gallery above.

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