Katharine McPhee Made the Right Decision to Cancel Tour After Tragic Details of Nanny's Death Are Released

Katharine McPhee abruptly left her concert tour in Jakarta last Friday due to a family emergency, and fans soon learned that their son’s nanny, Yadira Calito, had passed away. Now, that the tragic details have emerged about what happened to their beloved friend, it’s clear that McPhee and husband David Foster made the right decision to come home immediately.

Calito was run over in a car accident that took place at Hamer Toyota dealership in Mission Hills, California, when an 84-year-old driver lost control of her RAV4 SUV, according to TMZ. Instead of hitting the brakes, the driver hit the gas pedal and “crashed into the customer reception area.” Calito was hit during the impact, “pinned under the SUV, and dragged for about 20 feet,” until she was finally freed. She was sent to the hospital in critical condition, but she later died. It’s a freak accident that is just too sad to comprehend. 


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McPhee and Foster reportedly considered Calito a part of their big family that includes their son, Rennie, 2, along with Foster’s six adult daughters from his previous relationships: Allison, 53, Amy, 50, Sara, 42, Erin, 40, and Jordan, 36. It is unclear whether Rennie was with the couple while they were on their Asian tour, but they have not made a public statement since McPhee shared the news that she would have to cancel the last two tour dates. 

“It’s with heavy heart I announce I have to miss our final two shows of our Asia run. David and I have had a horrible tragedy in our family and at least one of us need to get back home to our family, Please know how sorry I am and how much I wish to return one day and perform for you all,” she wrote on her Instagram account. Now that the full tragedy has been revealed, McPhee’s heart must have been so heavy during her long trip home because it’s not only a loss for their son, but it’s also a loss for them.

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