Kate Middleton Was Apparently "Furious" to See Rose Hanbury at That State Dinner

Who knew that one state dinner could spark so much drama? At first, it was Trump’s clash with the Sussex royals that made the Queen’s banquet a tense affair. But apparently, it was a fraught evening for the Cambridge royals too. Kate Middleton’s reaction to Rose Hanbury’s state dinner appearance was nothing short of fury, according to an unnamed source for Woman’s Day. In the past few months, Kate has been dealing with rumors that Prince William cheated on her with Hanbury while she was pregnant — and though a recent report says the Cambridge couple is working through it, Kate was not happy to see one-time friend Hanbury at the palace.

While British media has kept largely quiet about these rumors — perhaps as a result of William threatening legal action — a few publications did innocuously note Hanbury’s attendance at last week’s state dinner. Noteworthy details included the fact that Hanbury was one of the last people in the procession, had a Daily Mail gossip columnist on her arm and was seated as far away from Kate as humanly possible. It’s unclear whether any of these are subtle snubs to Hanbury, who a royal reporter says was in attendance due to her husband’s status as Lord Great Chamberlain. Either way, it does not appear that Hanbury and Kate had any opportunity — or intention — of interacting that night.

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