John Legend Reminds Fans "We Will Never Break" During Soulful BET Awards Performance

John Legend took the “stage” during the virtual 2020 BET Awards on Sunday, and his powerful “Never Break” performance is worth a watch with a box of tissues. Legend took a seat behind the piano in an empty, rain-sodden warehouse and serenaded thousands through the screen with a powerful message of hope and perseverance, all while making us melt a little inside with his voice like butter.

Legend’s moving vocals were backed by an elegantly dressed choir that promoted the song’s message of unity, strength, and empowerment. “Built on a foundation strong enough to stay, we will never break,” Legend sang. “As the water rises and the mountains shake, our love will remain.” Watch Legend’s full performance above, then check out the star-studded performance of Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” from same event.

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