Jason Ebeyer Celebrates Gender Diversity in First-Ever NFT Collection

Celebrated 3D artist Jason Ebeyer recently launched an NFT collection called “Metamorphosis” on Nifty Gateway. Made in partnership with IV Gallery, the series features glossy figures rendered in the artist’s sensual and homoerotic style of artwork.

“Each piece references ideologies and attributes which the artist is influenced by within their work. Represented through different Saint characters, Ebeyer draws influence from his early religious upbringing and fuses it with his signiture glossy erotic style of figure and form,” as per a press statement.

In his practice, Ebeyer champions gender diversity through various characters that play the role of saints in his enigmatic universe. The collection features several of these avatars clad in risqué ensembles while bearing different hairstyles. The artist has been featured in Vogue and he names the likes of Nikita Dragun and Troye Sivan among some of his favorite collaborations.

“We’ve been focussing on bringing some diversity, and underrepresented themes  into the NFT space, Jason’s success shows that there are sophisticated collectors picking up great meaningful work, just as they are in the physical world, the belief system in NFT’s as a vehicle to show ownership of digital art is here to stay, strong important work like jason’s is an integral part of the continued growth and sustainability of this belief system,” said Vincent Harrison, founder of IV Gallery.

Check out the collection on Nifty Gateway and then let us know your thoughts. In other NFT-related stories, Takashi Murakami recently released his first-ever work of crypto art.
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