Is WandaVision Setting Up Scarlet Witch to Become the Big Baddie of Her Own Story?

If there’s one thing that Marvel’s WandaVision has already perfected in four short episodes, it’s confusing the hell out of its viewers. Every installment adds another theory to our pot while debunking three others, and yet the answer to the biggest question of them all has only been hinted at. In episode four, appropriately titled “We Interrupt This Program,” viewers finally get to see what’s been going on in the real world during the first three episodes and learn how Monica came to be in Westiew. When she returns from a harsh ejection courtesy of the new mother with magical abilities, Monica says one thing, “It’s all Wanda.”

That phrase, combined with all the events we’ve witnessed since the series began, seems to allude to Wanda being the sole culprit behind trapping the town of Westview and warping it into the sitcom we (and everyone watching from S.W.O.R.D.’s camp) see. While it’s true that Wanda has shown that she has some control over her surroundings — she’s able to cast people out and “rewind” events — there are too many instances where it’s clear that something or someone else is also at play. And it would be all too easy for Marvel to give us the answer to the biggest mystery of the whole show in such plain sight!

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