Indonesian Student's NFT Photo Project Defies Logic to Reach $1 Million USD in Sales Volume

An amateur NFT creator in Indonesian has just defied all logic with his school project.

Ghozali Ghozalo uploaded a set of 933 selfies he took from 2017 – 2021 onto to NFT platform OpenSea where they were offered to the public for roughly $3 USD an image. With the help of celebrity chef Arnold Poernomo, some adventurous degen NFT hunters, and a collective that just wanted to help Ghozali Ghozalo out, the floor price shot up to 0.9 ETH (~$3,000 USD) per NFT before retracing.

This NFT came out of nowhere and currently has a total traded volume of over $1 million USD. Since the explosion in Ghozali Everyday, Ghozalo has become a local hero appearing on multiple news outlets in Indonesia.

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