Hyperfly Drops Heritage Capsule With the NBA in Homage to Asian Culture

Hyperfly has enlisted Jasper Wong, founder of POW! WOW! Worldwide, to design a heritage capsule collection with both the NBA and WNBA in support of #StopAsianHate. The line features a mix of cultural iconography, including dragons, phoenixes and several other motifs that highlight Asian American and Pacific Islander traditions.

“Dragons and phoenixes are a staple of many Asian cultures,” says Wong of the collection’s symbolism. “The dragon represents good luck, strength, and health. Oftentimes people that live in excellence and perform outstanding feats are compared to dragons, whereas the phoenix is centered around high virtues and grace. The various aspects of the phoenix hold meaning, such as the head being ‘virtue’, the wing is ‘duty’, the back is ‘propriety’, the abdomen is ‘credibility’ and the chest is ‘mercy.’”

The collection itself features two hoodies and two t-shirts, all printed with Wong’s asian heritage-inspired graphics. The black men’s hoodie showcases the NBA’s signature logo surrounded by a white-outlined dragon design on the upper right quadrant as well as symbols of luck, prosperity and longevity down the sleeve. The NBA t-shirt mimics a similar frontal design while spotlighting both the dragon and phoenix iterations on the back.

The WNBA hoodie arrives in orange and features the organization’s logo atop a black-outlined phoenix motif next to a unifying ying-yang symbol that sits under the phrase “Rise Together.” The women’s t-shirt shows the same graphics with an enlarged version of the phoenix WNBA logo printed on the back.

Hoodies are listed for $89.99 USD and t-shirts are priced at $39.99 USD. Shop the men’s range on the NBA webstore and the women’s pieces on the WNBA webstore.

As part of the collaboration, the NBA, the NBA Lab, and Fanatics will each be making a donation to a community organization working to stop anti-Asian discrimination and violence. A minimum $20,000 USD donation will be made.

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