How to Create Acid-Washed Nail Art

With a vivid color-packed feed, the M(A)NICURE(S) Instagram account has garnered a dedicated following for its inventive nail designs. It even counts Kali Uchis as a fan of their custom press-ons. Based at GBY Beauty’s New York location, manicurist Alex gave HYPEBEAST a step-by-step tutorial on how she creates acid-washed nail art for the latest installment of the How To series.

After walking through the necessary polishes and tools, Alex preps for polishing by trimming the cuticles and gently sanding down the surface of the nail. She then gives the nail a clear gel application, which solidifies under a UV light, to ensure long-lasting wear.

Once the nails are painted a bright green, drops of black polish are carefully dotted on the nail, interspersed with more dots in the same green shade as a top coat. Using a thin brush, Alex swirls the two colors together to produce a pattern similar to the look tie-dye. Add one last clear coat for durability and the end result is a sick acid-washed look.

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