'How to build an igloo' and other top Google searches from Ireland in 2018

The annual Google year in Search results for Ireland are in, revealing a snapshot into the most pressing issues and questions on our minds this year.

Top searches related to soccer, celebrity deaths and, unsurprisingly, referenda, while our extreme weather events from the Beast from the East to the summer heatwave prompted questions like ‘How to build an igloo’ to ‘How to get rid of fruit flies’.

Overall, sport featured heavily.  The FIFA World Cup was the top-trending Google search for 2018, even though Ireland did not feature.  The other sports related search to feature in the top ten was last month’s epic Ireland vs New Zealand clash, which saw us beat the All Blacks at home.  It was the seventh most-searched topic overall (and second most searched in sports).

The second top trending topic overall in Ireland this year was Avicci.  The Swedish electronic dance music DJ passed away suddenly at the age of 28 in April this year.  Dolores O’Riordan also passed away this year and her name was the fifth top trending Google search of the year.  The death of Marvel creator Stan Lee was the tenth most-searched topic this year.

Elsewhere in the top ten searches were Meghan Markle in third, Paddy Jackson in fourth, Eurovision in sixth, the film A Star is Born in eighth, Cheltenham in ninth, and Stan Lee in tenth.

Top ten overall searches:

1. World Cup

2. Avicii

3. Meghan Markle

4. Paddy Jackson

5. Dolores O’Riordan

6. Eurovision

7. Ireland vs New Zealand

8. A Star is Born

9. Cheltenham

10. Stan Lee


‘What is…?’ searches

Regarding our ‘What is…?’ searches, top of the list was, ‘How to register to vote?’ as well as ‘What is blasphemy?’, ‘What is the backstop?’ and ‘What is the Eighth Amendment?’.

1 What is Blasphemy?

2 What is Bitcoin?

3 What is the Backstop?

4 What is the Met Gala?

5 What is the 8th Amendment?

6 What is GDPR?

7 What is Sepsis?

8  What is 8D Audio?

9 What is Ligma?

10 What is an Exit Poll?


‘How to…?’ searches:

When it comes to ‘How to…?’ searches, we’re a pretty basic bunch in Ireland, it seems.  The Beast from the East prompted questions about igloos and how to bleed radiators while we wanted rid of those pesky fruit flies during the summer heatwave. Tech-wise we don’t appear to be fond of change as we hankered after the old version of Snapchat and asked how to turn off automatic updates.

1. How to Register to Vote

2. How to Build an Igloo

3. How to Lose Weight

4. How to Make Eggs

5. How to Get Old Snapchat Back

6. How to Turn Off Automatic Updates

7. How to Tie a Tie

8. How to Claim Tax Back

9. How to Bleed Radiators10. How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies



Movie-wise, all eyes were on A Star is Born, the only film to feature in the overall top ten.  Within the movie searches, comic book adaptations took four of the top ten spots.  Musicals take three spots while drama and thrillers also feature, including Irish film Black 47 set against the backdrop of The Famine.

1 A Star is Born

2 Black Panther

3 Bohemian Rhapsody

4 Black 47

5 Deadpool 2

6 The Greatest showman

7 Avengers Infinity War

8 A Quiet Place

9 Venom

10 All the Money in the World



Food-wise we ranged from searches for Operation Transformation recipes to cake recipes to healthy dinner recipes, bread recipes, and vegan recipes, which featured in the top trending search list for the first time.

1. Operation Transformation Recipes

2. Cake recipes

3. Healthy dinner recipes

4. Bread recipes

5. Weight Watcher recipes

6. Vegan recipes

7. Mince recipes

8. Apple recipes

9. Ireland AM recipes

10. Salmon recipes

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