Here’s (Exactly) How Chrissy Teigen Got Ready for Thanksgiving Dinner

Chrissy Teigen is the most fun to follow on social media — and today, it was especially fun watching how she celebrated the holiday with husband John Legend, daughter Luna, and more of her extended family. The cookbook author and Cravings by Chrissy Teigen website creator gave us all a play-by-play of how she spent her day in Palm Springs getting ready for what looked like a pretty amazing Thanksgiving dinner. Luna was cute in the kitchen helping mom — and from the looks of it, she’s quite the chef!

On the Side: Cranberry Sauce

When it comes to Thanksgiving sides, Teigen does not mess around with canned cranberry sauce. Instead, she boiled down some fresh cranberries with orange zest and (presumably) sugar, for a fresh, easy-to-make topping for the turkey (another topping she’s a fan of is Heinz gravy (“I could drink it,” she declared in a tweet). Check out her recipe for cranberry relish here.

On the Side: Green Bean Casserole

Another Thanksgiving classic, Chrissy’s green bean casserole also made an appearance at her Thanksgiving dinner. As she wrote on her website, she’s a huge fan of sides, so we’re guessing this is one of many. She uses cheese and canned mushroom soup to make her green bean casserole extra decadent. Yum!

On the Side: Turkey Legs

Chrissy is, historically, not a fan of Thanksgiving turkey but maybe she’ll have a change of heart. Teigen tossed the turkey legs in a pan with some veggies (we see carrots and onions), herbs (rosemary and sage), and broth, presumably to keep the meat from overdrying, which turkey is prone to do.

An Unexpected Starter: Nachos

Chrissy shared a few videos to her Instagram story of her family’s not-so-traditional Thanksgiving starter: Nachos. There are countless ways to do nachos; this one involves cheese, chips, and lots of sour cream.

The Main Course

To Sip On: Wine

…enough said.

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