Heinz Introduces "Spoon Friez" for National French Fry Day

Following the release of a tomato blood costume kit for Halloween and a Dip & Crunch condiment for burgers, Heinz now continues its line of innovative offerings with a new french fry series, dubbed “Heinz Spoon Friez.” Heinz sees the inability of traditional fries to scoop enough ketchup as an age-old problem, and spoon-shaped fries as the solution.

“If you’ve ever been ‘friestrated’, you’re not alone,” writes Heinz. “Thankfully, the remedy to not being able to achieve the decent dollop of sauce on your fries is here, thanks to our condiment connoisseurs.”

The arrival of the Heinz Spoon Friez was announced on National French Fry Day, July 13, in which many popular fast food chains offered special deals and freebies. Made entirely out of potatoes, the seven-piece fries come in a traditional red cardboard box with the slogan “Friez to enjoy more Heinz,” positioning its infamous ketchup as the star of the show.

The Spoon Friez is currently limited to those in the U.K. via a free raffle that runs until July 20. A wider release has yet to be announced.

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