HBO's 'Barry' Is Ending With Season Four

HBO‘s dark comedy series Barry is officially ending with its upcoming fourth season.

The news was confirmed by series co-creator and star Bill Hader, telling Variety that the culmination of the story seemed very natural as “a very clear ending presented itself.” He continued, “It was very much in the writing and the storytelling. I mean, a lot of people after last season were like, ‘Why are you doing another season? It should have just ended.’”

Hader added that the stories of Barry and the other characters were still unfinished at the end of the third season. “What happens in Season 4 is structurally radical in some ways, but it made sense for what I think the characters needed to go through, and what I think the whole show is always kind of headed towards,” he shared. “You realize, well, we could pad a lot of stuff, and just make story. But if we’re going forward, it ends in Season 4.”

He also recalls breaking the news to HBO’s Amy Gravitt during the beginning of filming for season four, telling her that he felt “like the story naturally ends after Season 4.” Gravitt agreed, “Every decision that he’s made about the story, or the jump between seasons, has made sense — so I had to go with his gut on that.” She added, “Obviously, now that we’re here, we’re feeling sentimental about it. But it really does feel like it’s the right time to finish the show.”

In addition to the announcement, HBO released the teaser trailer for season four, which sees Barry in prison after he was lured in by his former acting teacher, Gene Cousineau.

Watch the teaser above. Barry premieres April 16 on HBO.

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