Has a major Happy Valley spoiler been hiding in plain sight this entire time?

Happy Valley fans have seemingly uncovered a not-so-secret spoiler, and this changes all of our theories about the finale, quite frankly… 

Happy Valley is coming to an end this weekend, and it’s going to do so with an intense 70-minute episode.

We all know we’re going to watch it; that’s not even a question at this point. In fact, the only question on everyone’s lips is what on earth is going to happen

Now, there are plenty of fan theories floating around social media – a number of which have homed in on the fact that Catherine will be working her “final shift” and have spun a yarn about Sarah Lancashire’s character dying before the credits roll.

“Scores are settled for good, while Catherine’s grandson, Ryan, faces a moral dilemma,” promises the official synopsis. Which absolutely feeds into those rumours that Ryan (Rhys Connah) will be forced to choose between Catherine and his father, Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton) – or even kill one to save the other.

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Of course, there’s no way of knowing what will happen – not really, anyway – until the show actually airs. However, the most diehard Happy Valley fans out there have unearthed something incredibly interesting while we wait… and it’s hidden in the right-hand corner of the official poster.

What will happen in the Happy Valley season 3 finale?

As journalist David Chipakupaku shared on Twitter, the poster features an abandoned bike, and there’s something on fire in the distance, too.

“Has the ending been staring us in the face all along?” he asked.

Chipakupaku continues: “This is the artwork for series three, which was released more than a month ago. You can see the road bike Tommy uses circled (crassly) in red. And then, in blue… a massive fire…

“Is it a house, in which case, does Tommy try to burn Nev’s castle down? Or maybe he sets light to Catherine’s place cos he can’t get a gun?”


Will Ryan betray Catherine in the Happy Valley finale?

It’s worth remembering that the most recent episode of Happy Valley saw Ryan learn the truth about his dad’s violent past, prompting him to tell Catherine: “Granny, I love you.”

“What’s brought this on?” she replied simply.

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Ryan looked heartbroken by her response, and the episode ended with him chatting to his dad via a videogame headset.

It’s prompted plenty to suggest that Ryan will, as previously suggested, attempt to flee to Spain with Tommy, especially as his dad tells him that he loves him without prompting (mind you, it’s easy enough to tell someone you love them, but far harder to show them with your actions, as Catherine has done for years).

The poster for the final season of Happy Valley has given viewers plenty to think about.

As one viewer on Twitter predicts: “Ryan leaves the safety of Nev’s to meet Tommy Lee Royce and go to Spain. Enroute to the airport, Catherine and cops intercept, TLR has gun, Ryan grabs it and tries to shoot him, but Catherine takes the hit and dies to protect Ryan from jail. TLR jailed.” 

Another notes: “So annoyed at Catherine. Ryan needed to hear ‘I love you too’ and now that golden bullet has been delivered by his dad.”

And what about Nev?

Nevison Gallagher (George Costigan) might be letting Catherine and Ryan hide out in his mansion – as he dons aprons and cooks them hearty meals, no less – but it’s worth remembering that the widower’s own daughter was kidnapped and raped by the evil Tommy Lee Royce. Which means, absolutely, he has a motive for revenge.

“Is Nev[really] Tommy’s accomplice with his place in Marbella?” tweets one viewer.

Another suggests: “So, I reckon that Nev has paid Darius to say he will get TLR to Marbella. That’s why he mentioned it to Claire, but TLR won’t get there – that’s Nev’s revenge. Too much coincidence with Marbs/Malaga.”

So, will Happy Valley really and truly end forever this Sunday?

The show’s executive producer Will Johnston said at a BFI screening there are no plans to renew the series and it had always been planned to only run for three seasons.

He said: “It definitely isn’t coming back – and again this is [from] Sally and Sarah who completely and rightly feel that you can have too much of a good thing.

“We’re really not doing any more. You’re a few weeks away from the ending but when you get to it, I really hope you’ll feel content that if that’s the last you ever see of the characters of Happy Valley, it was a big way to go out.”

We guess that implies that some of those big bold theories about Catherine being killed off could absolutely be true, then. After all, there is no Happy Valley without our beloved sarge.

The final episode of Happy Valley will air Sunday 5 February at 9pm on BBC One.

Will you be watching?

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