Harry Nuriev To Unveil New Surrealist Furniture Installation at Design Miami/Basel

Harry Nuriev is set to unveil his new surrealist furniture installation at this year’s Design Miami/Basel event. Designer and founder of Crosby Studios, Nuriev’s new installation pays homage to the elevator.

Nuriev is known for his minimalist, sensible and vibrant surrealist furniture installations that fuse virtual, material and augmented realities. His forthcoming installation titled The Elevator features metallic, parametric furniture pieces that are situated inside of an interior that resembles a steel elevator. Nuriev utilizes the elevator as a symbol of crossing through different sectors of reality, which makes real or imagined omnidirectional connections along its passage through floors. “It’s a place where you get to be a kid again and press all the buttons, the destination unknown,” said Nuriev in a release. The artist’s installation expands the everyday view of an elevator as just a confined and transitional space.

In its homage to the elevator, the installation features a futuristic furniture collection, which includes a sofa, armchair and ottoman made of silver metallic capsules. The layered capsules also provide a visualization of sound in the space. Nuriev will unveil The Elevator on September 21 at Design Miami/Basel, which runs from Tuesday, September 21 through Sunday, September 26.

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