Gucci Opens First Luggage-Only Store in Paris

Gucci has officially announced the opening of its first stand-alone luggage store in Paris. The Italian luxury brand makes its way to the coveted Rue Saint-Honoré with a 2,900-square-foot shop that offers the full Gucci Valigeria range. Back in October, Ryan Gosling was announced as the new face of the travel-centric Valigeria campaign, showcasing the range of suitcases part of the Gucci heritage.

Opening earlier this week, the train travel-inspired store offers a complete range of travel essentials, including one-of-a-kind trunks to hat boxes to more modern aluminum and regenerated nylon suitcases. The fashion house’s travel accessories range has a particular place in the market, with founder Guccio Gucci offering a selection of trunks, suitcases and hatboxes after he opened his first store in Florence in 1921.

Current CEO Marco Bizzarri explains the decision to move away from the short-term pop-ups and cement the travel line’s place with a permanent location has been inspired by the original Florence store. Presently, a three-month pop-up in London for the brand’s Savoy luggage line is set to conclude at the end of the year. Long-term residencies for the brand’s luggage one aim to give consumers a more experiential concept to its travel line. In a statement to WWD Bizzarri goes into detail about their boutique in Paris,

“The opening of our first Gucci Valigeria boutique on Rue Saint-Honoré represents the next stage in our ongoing strategy to reinforce our leadership in the travel category.

Gucci Valigeria is a powerful reminder of our Florentine roots and our timeless craft.”

He continues to add that the travel-centric offerings are a “symbol of [the Gucci] legacy, reinterpreted through the ages for the travelers and modern-day explorers of every era.” In particular, the Saint-Honoré store was created in order to be “a portal into our ever-expanding world of travel and discovery.” As a nod to the line’s origin story, the set-up of the store takes Gucci buyers back in time with brass shelving that nods to the old-fashion trains and ceilings modeled after the arched roofs of train carriages.

Bizzarri confirms that other Gucci Valigeria stores in “other iconic city destinations” are currently in the works.

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