Goodsmile Company Previews Berserker Armor-Clad Guts Figure

Goodsmile Company has just revealed some upcoming projects at the annual One Hobby event. Now on to its 35th installment for 2022, the exhibition pulls in a number of toymakers including Max Factory, TOMYTEC, Miyuki, 52Toys, threezero, Pop Mart, and Goodsmile Company, to name a few.

One upcoming release is catching the attention of Berserk fans — a fully large Berserker’s Armor-clad Guts. The figure shows Guts in full Berserker transformation where the armor — once owned by the Skull Knight — is seen taking over his emotions with his animal-like stance and red eyes.

There’s no news yet on pricing or release date, but fans can preview the sample in the image above.

In other toy news, Medicom Toy is releasing a massive EVANGELION Lilith figure.
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