Goldie Hawn Could Be Kate Hudson’s Twin in This Eerily Similar Mother’s Day Photo

We’re used to doing a double take when it comes to some of Hollywood’s famous mother-daughter lookalikes. But even we have to admit, this photo threw us through a loop. On Mother’s Day, Kate Hudson took to Instagram and shared a touching throwback photo with her mom, Goldie Hawn, and we couldn’t get over just how much Hudson is basically the spitting image of her mom from decades ago.

In the snapshot, Hudson (who looked no more than 3 years old) was carried around by her mom. The duo coordinated their outfits, with Hawn sporting a fabulous, glittering red dress, and Hudson wearing an adorable red dress with a white collar. Honestly, if you had told us this was a polaroid of Hudson and her three-year-old daughter Rani, we probably would’ve believed you at first glance. Just take a look at the snapshot below!

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Just looking at Hawn in this photo, it’s so clear that Hudson grew up to be her mom’s lookalike. It’s such a sweet, candid snapshot from Hudson’s early years, and the Almost Famous star’s simple caption spoke volumes to us. “My everything,” Hudson lovingly wrote. “Happy Mama’s Day.”

By this point, we’re pretty accustomed to seeing Hawn and Hudson together in all their lookalike glory. This mother-daughter duo is so tightly knit, and there’s no denying these two are family. Who knows? Maybe a few short years from now, we’ll be looking at photos of Hudson and Rani making the exact same observation. Until then, we love these throwbacks of Hudson and her mom together, and we cannot wait to see more!

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