Get to Know the Characters of 'SCARLET NEXUS,' Dropping Today

For fans of SCARLET NEXUS, a new video game set in a futuristic Japanese world, the highly anticipated release date has arrived. To celebrate the new action role-playing game, BANDAI NAMCO has partnered up with Vanime Sole, an artist who customizes sneakers with Copic markers, to create limited quantities of customized Vans featuring key characters from the game, Converses inspired by the enemy, Vase Paws, and Air Force 1s themed after the character’s psycho-kinesis powers and the mysterious Red Strings. Fans can participate in the SCARLET NEXUS Sweepstakes to win the customized Vans sneakers by heading to the registration site to submit their entry and meet the characters of SCARLET NEXUS. 

In SCARLET NEXUS, you have the choice of playing as one of two different protagonists: Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall. Yuito Sumeragi is an optimistic and energetic boy whose family has close ties to both the government and the OSF. As a sword specialist, he favors close-quarters attacks, which he can combine with powerful psychokinetic abilities. At the other end of the personality spectrum is Kasane Randall, a young girl scouted by the OSF due to her best-in-class abilities. In contrast to Yuito’s optimism, Kasane is considered cold and unapproachable, although is known to be kind to those who’ve broken through her tough exterior. Much like her approach to her colleagues, Kasane prefers to keep her enemies at a distance, using ranged multiblade attacks alongside her psychokinetic powers.

Your choice of hero means that you’ll only witness the game’s story from their perspective, and while Yuito and Kasane’s narratives interweave at key moments throughout, it’s only by playing through the game as both characters that you’ll understand the full picture.

Joining them on their quest to clean up the city are the other members of the Other Suppression Force. Each with their own abilities, motivations, and personalities — some more friendly than others. Throughout your journey, you can party up and mission with teleportation expert, Luka Travers, Electrokinectic loud-mouth, Shiden Ritter, lazy speedster gifted with hypervelocity, Arashi Spring, and many more. You’ll need to understand and use each member’s psionic ability to gain the upper hand against the Others and even navigate the overworld if you want to stand a chance at survival. With all sorts of different powers and abilities, SCARLET NEXUS will appeal to fans of classic anime and Western science fiction.

SCARLET NEXUS is out today, played best on the Xbox Series X. More information on how to get the game, which is available now, can be found at the official site. The last day to enter the SCARLET NEXUS Sweepstakes is also today, so interested fans should head to the registration site to submit their entry to win the giveaway now.
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