George A. Romero's Last Zombie Film Written Is Finally Getting Made

The final zombie film George A. Romero worked on before his death in 2017 is finally getting made.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paolo Zelati had worked with Romero on Twilight of the Dead, which was going to be the late filmmaker’s conclusion to his zombie movie legacy. The duo had already written a treatment for the film, but due to Romero’s death, the project went cold. Now, with Romero’s wife Suzanne Romero’s permission, Zelati is reigniting the title, bringing on screenwriters Joe Knetter and Robert L. Lucas

“I gave him my full blessing as long as I could be there every step of the way for it to remain true to George’s vision,” Suzanne Romero said. “We had a solid treatment and the beginning of the script. I can 100 percent say that George would be incredibly happy to see this continue. He wanted this to be his final stamp on the zombie genre.”

She added that “This is the film he wanted to make. And while someone else will carry the torch as the director, it is very much a George A. Romero film.”

There’s currently no release information regarding Twilight of the Dead, so fans of Romero should definitely stay tuned for more updates to come.

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