Games Inbox: Will GTA 6 be bigger than GTA 5?

The Thursday letters page is glad that Tekken 8’s director is talking back to fans, as readers look forward to Io Interactive’s Project 007.

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The calm before the storm
So Take-Two are basically saying GTA 6 is out next year, without actually saying it. I don’t see how their comments can be interpreted any other way and unless they think Bioshock 4 is going to be a multi-billion hit then we have it confirmed: the game of the forever will be out in probably not much more than a year. (Red Dead Redemption 2 came out in late October, so that seems a good guess as to what they’re aiming for, I reckon.)

It’s strange to think we’re that close and right now it just seems like a faraway thing, something you can’t really say anything about because even the rumours don’t really tell you anything. And yet when the hype starts, and the game actually comes, out it’s going to be the biggest game ever.

I mean, it’s sold 100 million more than the best-selling Mario Kart, which as far as I can see is the second best-selling non-bundled actual game. GTA 5 must’ve sold more on its own than most publishers have managed in their entire history. Can you imagine how big the sequel is going to be given all that, with new fans added on top of existing ones?

It’ll take a while for it to beat GTA 5, but I bet it becomes the biggest game ever. I also bet it’ll be at least 15 years before we ever see GTA 7.

Out of control
I have no interest in Tekken but I strongly support the director telling off whining fans. The entitlement of some (most?) gamers has got more and more out of control in recent years and it’s going to end in violence if we’re not careful. If you’re not happy about a game then get a refund, although have the time, as in this case, the game’s not even out yet so there’s literally nothing to complain about.

Publishers do lots of horrible stuff, but it’s usually things like microtransactions or paying for upgrades. Developers are just trying to make the game they want. Not the one you want. If you like it then great, if you don’t that’s not their problem. I realise few people reading this need to be told this but people on Twitter are crazy.

Wait for the sales
I don’t know what’s more shocking about this Red Dead Redemption business, the fact that they want £40 for it or that it’s still £25 on the Xbox store. Who is going to pay that for it?! I know digital has taken over but that’s madness when it’d be more difficult to find it for more than £10 in an actual shop than it would be to get it cheaper digitally.

It’s actually kind of a grim sign of things to come, where everywhere halfway famous games stays at an inflated price even a decade or more after it’s released, only going cheap for a few days a year during the sale.

Just think of everything we’ve given up because people can’t be bothered to get out of their seat to change discs.

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Planning ahead
Seems like the reader at the weekend complaining about Diablo 4 wasn’t the only one who felt like it had all become too much like hard work. I don’t play it myself but my mate was really looking forward to it and yet has said pretty much what everyone has been saying lately: it’s boring and repetitive and nothing but busywork.

It does seem to me that all these live service games have surprisingly little plan about what they’re going to do after you’ve beaten the main story, like they designed the main campaign and then thought they’d figure the rest out later. That’s fine with a normal game but not with something where everything that comes after is going to be the majority of your play time.

It reminds of the Star Wars sequel trilogy where they didn’t have any overall plan for how things were going to go down. We all know how that turned out and yet lessons are not being learned.

Do you expect me to talk?
I’m actually really looking forward to what Io Interactive are going to do with their Bond game. I think they’re a really good pick for the material, not just because Hitman sometimes hangs around in fancy hotels and the like but because they’ve got that strange sense of campy humour that a lot of the Bond’s do, while still managing to take themselves seriously.

People say there’ll never be a better Bond game than GoldenEye 007 but that game wasn’t really like the films at all. It was just a shooter that happened to have Bond in it. It was great, obviously, but it didn’t have any of the humour or jokes or characters that actually make the films worth watching. But hopefully Io’s games will.

Blame the fans
The Reader’s Feature making the case for the PlayStation 6 to be a hybrid like the Switch was interesting.

There are a couple of things though, the PlayStation 5 is massive and I still don’t like the way it looks, but how much of that is down to needing a drive to play physical discs? I’m not being a smart-arse, I have no idea.

It isn’t like Sony haven’t made handheld systems already and the PS Vita died a quiet death, mourned by few outside the diehard fans. I don’t think there is any realistic demand for the PlayStation 6 to be a hybrid.

The last thing is Sony and Microsoft are in an arms race to make each new gen more powerful than the last. I don’t see either company looking at Nintendo and thinking, ‘You know what? It’s gameplay that matters most after all.’

Starfield makes the point for me, scale and cutting edge wot-nots have been the focus of the marketing right from the start.
PS: Is The Witcher 3 on PlayStation 5 working properly now?

GC: The PlayStation 5’s enormous size is due to its fans. We haven’t played The Witcher 3 since the PlayStation 5 launch.

Against the rules
I tend to agree with GC, that there’s nothing to be gained from using actual Dungeons & Dragons rules and a lot that is lost. This nonsense about you not being able to level up too far because you’d basically become all-powerful is nonsense. Just design the game so that’s not the case. Except they can’t because that’s the rules.

I’m sure Baldur’s Gate 3 will be good but with their newfound fame I hope Larian go back to Divinity: Original Sin and make something with no restrictions. Just maybe change the name first.

Place your bets
So, anyone willing to place a bet on whether we’ll get an official reveal for GTA 6 or the Switch 2 first? I tend to think, for the reasons laid out before about not wanting to put people off buying a Switch 1 before Christmas, that Nintendo won’t say anything this year. But if GTA 6 is intended to be out next year then that probably will get at least teased this autumn.

Seems fairly straightforward, right? How about my next question: will GTA 6 be on Switch 2? Now, this is a hard one to answer because a lot of it depends on whether it’ll be on PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X/S. You’d imagine not but I’m pretty sure Rockstar like money and there’s still an awful lot of last gen gamers around. Plus, you’d assume work on the game probably started before the current gen consoles were even known about.

If that’s true I’d say there’s a good chance GTA 6 would be on Switch 2. Especially as Nintendo would likely encourage it. Imagine the Switch 2 launching with Super Mario Odyssey 2 and GTA 6. That would be quite the tempting Christmas present.

Inbox also-rans
Bob Holness was the first James Bond. Rather than Baccarat we will be treated to a mini-game of Blockbuster in the new game?
ThePowerFeeling (PSN ID)

GC: Actually, American actor Barry Nelson was the first Bond. But we’re pretty sure the game’s not going to be based on him either.

I count myself as a reasonable, but not obsessive, fan of Pokémon and I honestly don’t remember a thing about Black and White, except there was a sequel for some reason. I don’t even remember what format it was on?

GC: They were both DS titles, the last mainline Pokémon games on the system.

This week’s Hot Topic
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For most reviewers 10/10 games are rare but we’ve already had one this year, in Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom. But not counting that (because we don’t want everyone giving the same answer) what game would you give top marks to and why?

What does being 10/10 mean to you and how many flaws can a game have before you discount it? Although you can mention more than one game please try to avoid just sending in lists of titles.

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