'Fortnite' Accidentally Gives Players The Game's Rarest Item

Fortnite players might have recently found themselves in possession of one of the games rarest items, the Axe of Champions. However, it was a fleeting moment since the game’s developer, Epic Games quickly realized their mistakes and rescinded the giveaway.

Epic took to Twitter to make their official response regarding the issue stating, “Oops. We’ll be revoking the Axe of Champions from all Grand Royale qualified players and granting it back to just the FNCS seasonal winners from this year until Grand Royale has finished.” Kotaku reported that The Axe of Champions was only introduced last year as a type of special award that goes to the finalist of the Fortnite Champion Series. The series is seen to be the most prestigious Battle Royale event as players compete for the gold-plated pickaxe to become the season’s best team.

The Axe of Champions is a hot commodity as it changes hands every season. Only 21 players can have the item at any given time, meaning only the best three-player teams from each of Fortnite‘s seven highly-competitive regions will have a chance at the extremely rare item. The glitch saw the Axe of Champions go to every Grand Royale qualifier, instead of a select few. However, it seems that Fortnite has fixed the issue.

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