FISK Presents 'Colibri' Exhibition by Chris Burnett

Portland-based design agency FISK will unveil a new exhibition with Los Angeles-based artist, Chris Burnett, who amongst his portfolio of work, recently created the key artwork for Kendrick Lamar’s ‘The Big Steppers Tour’.

Colibri presents a new series of mixed-media collages emphasizing the symbiotic and mysterious relationship between the natural world and the human imagination. The title of the show means ‘hummingbird’ in many romance languages, and was chosen to impart a feeling of quiet elusiveness that is attributed to the bird, and runs parallel to how Burnett views his creative process.

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As Burnett’s first solo show, he invites audiences to float through his collage-like abstractions — each serving as an homage to how being fully present will help unlock our own unique internal nature. Although he typically bounces from one medium to the next, often using arcanely obscured textures and elements, the artist chose to use recognizable motifs that are both relatable and emphatic.

The exhibition will open at FISK this Saturday, October 15, and run through December 4.

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