Experts Are Comparing Prince William & Kate Middleton's 'Curated and Idealized Image' to This Controversial First Family

The public has seen a pretty major shift in Prince William and Kate Middleton’s image since they became the Prince and Princess of Wales, and their revamped image is being likened to that of a certain controversial First Family.

According to global public relations and branding expert Mark Borkowski, per Page Six, “William and Kate have created numerous official and informal photo opportunities, projecting a positive and united image as a couple” following Queen Elizabeth II’s September 2022 passing and King Charles’ May 2023 coronation. “This curated and idealized image indicates their determination to own the narrative of hard-working, empathetic young royals,” Borkowski explained.

The “charm offensive” enacted by the Wales family is being compared to the branding campaign of President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis, which put such a spell on the world that they’re about as close to American royalty as you can get.

Being another step closer to inheriting the throne, a palace staffer told Page Six it’s been integral for the Waleses to bring their kids more heavily into the fold. “Kate and William have given us a master class in introducing the children to ‘The Firm.’” They explained, “It’s a delicate way for the children to experience official engagements and get used to the public profile — and a careful balance when they’re of an age that they and their schoolmates will be aware of when their pictures are in the papers.”

Expressing the same sentiment, Borkowski said “[It] was a great stunt … filling the Royal Box [at Wimbledon] with the kids and the endless long lens shots of the children’s reactions.”

Likely taking a feather out of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s cap, as a great many people admire the couple for their down-to-earth personalities, another source close to the Waleses acknowledged William and Kate’s effort to showcase a more relaxed public demeanor.

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