Everrati Transforms Land Rover Models Into EVs

United Kingdom-based automobile manufacturer Everrati is expanding its practice of converting classic cars into electronic vehicles by bringing Land Rover into the fold.

Leading the charge is the conversation of Land Rover’s Defender Series IIA. With zero carbon emissions, the new modified EV can reach 60 mph in 13 seconds when compared to the original 23 seconds alongside 150 BHP and 300 NM of torque. Other specifications include 60kWh battery packs, 2WD and 4WD modes, a galvanized chassis and regenerative braking. What makes Everrati’s work particularly interesting is that the powertrain is completely reversible in order to uphold options and value.

Although the Defender Series IIA is taking center stage, Everrati is set to convert Range Rover Classic models as well.

Check out the gallery above for a look at the converted EV. Priced at £159,950 GBP (about $194,267 USD), the car is available for reservation online.

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