ERL FW21 Engages in Costume Play

Eli Russell Linnetz‘s ERL has swelled its output from the first collection of corduroy and socks, now envisioning an extensive assortment of playful garments rooted in Linnetz’s desire to create an effortless contemporary wardrobe. Fall/Winter 2021, “The Final Frontier” ranges from space-age style to an assortment of ribbed long johns, demonstrating Linnetz’s far-reaching inspiration.

Signature pieces — boxy hoodies, woven base layers, corduroy trousers — mingle with more progressive pieces, like metallic silver quilted outerwear and shearling-trimmed shirting. There’s a selection of swimwear and even a ski boarding collaboration with Salomon — whatever “winter” means to you, ERL has you covered. Denim jeans and jorts anchor “SUNSCREEN”-printed sweaters, faux fur robes and a lineup of retro, peak lapel suiting, indicative of ERL’s ongoing fascination with ’70s and ’80s design, flipping outdated tropes with wanton appeal.

Supported by Dover Street Market, ERL’s latest will be available in-store later this year.

Most recent Fall/Winter 2021 collection were provided by the likes of Louis Vuitton, JIEDA and KIDILL.
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