EPL Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Opens a Gallery Dedicated to the Art of Soccer

One of the top English Premier League clubs, Tottenham Hotspur, has recently attached an art gallery named OOF which is dedicated to the art of soccer or football in English terms. OOF originally started out as a magazine, but opened its doors to the public last month and is holding its first contemporary exhibition entitled “Balls.”

The exhibit showcases 17 works that either utilize or represent soccer balls. A large inky black deflated ball by Marcus Harvey is centered in one room along with two contrasting works of a number of balls gathered on opposite walls. On the next floor, The Longest Ball in the World by French artist Laurent Perbos which a former Tottenham Hotspur captain kicked lightly is rolled out beneath a piece Abigail Lane entitled Self-Portrait as a Pheasant which is constructed from a football, bird wings, oil paint, painted wood and glass. Other quirky works such as a ball embellished with nipples created by Argentine artist Nicola Costantino had visitors taken aback.

OOF founder and art critic Eddy Frankel along with gallerists Jennie and Justin Hammond wanted to bring both worlds of art and soccer together as Frankel realized there are a growing number of art fanatics who are just as into the sport as he is.

“We’re using football to express ideas about society,” Frankel said. “If you want to talk about racism, bigotry, homophobia, or if you want to talk community and belief and passion: All of that, you can with football.”

The gallery has gained the interest of the public as they found the gallery to be something different and interesting. The uniqueness has piqued people’s minds and in turn, has created a whole new enjoyment of both worlds as they built a deeper connection with the art emotionally.

Featured in a 19th-century townhouse attached to the stadium’s gift shop, the lion’s share of the works displayed are for sale, with some going for up to $120,000 USD. Check out the “Balls” exhibition at the OOF Gallery which will be on display till November 21.

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