Episode 1 of 'Halo' Live-Action Series Is Now Free to Watch on YouTube

Paramount+ has now made the first episode of its Halo live-action series completely free to watch on YouTube.

The new release comes a week after the series premiered on the streaming service, and luckily for fans of the franchise, it also coincides with the debut of its second episode, so if you like what you see on YouTube and want more content, you can go straight onto Paramount+ for more.

Despite mixed reviews online, it also seems like Paramount isn’t making the episode free out of desperation. So far, Halo has already broken viewership records on the streaming platform, and it’s also listed as the most popular show of the week over on IMDB. While some fans criticized the show for its decision to unmask the Master Chief, the original franchise’s co-creator Marcus Lehto took to Twitter to praise the show and its producer Kiki Wolfkill, saying that he liked the first episode even more after a second viewing

“It’s much darker and brutal than I thought it would be and the narrative gives some twist to the universe,” Lehto praises. “Certainly eager to see more!” He also expressed his happiness in seeing his creations brought into real life: “And seeing so many things like the Chief, Pelican, Warthog and other things I helped design come to life like this just warmed my heart.”

For those interested, you can check out the full first episode of Halo up above.

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