Enola Holmes Gets a Happy Ending, but Not Before Solving a Big Mystery

Image Source: Netflix
Even though Enola Holmes isn’t technically part of the Sherlock Holmes canon — it’s based on a young adult series by Nancy Springer — it’s still packed with all the wit and fun of the original detective mysteries. The film — which premiered on Netflix on Sept. 23 — follows young detective Enola Holmes as she deals with the mystery of her missing mother, the wishes of her elder brothers Mycroft and Sherlock, and the introduction of a cute marquess (who isn’t what he seems). Loaded with twists and turns, the movie manages to sneak in a few modern-day issues to the Victorian setting, allowing it to feel relevant to the viewer. In order to understand Enola Holmes‘s ending, we’re breaking down its premise, whether Enola finds her mother, how Enola solves the mystery of the marquess, and the future implications of her relationship with Sherlock and Mycroft.

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