Ellie Mercer's Solid Silver and Resin Rings Return

Emerging London-based jeweler Ellie Mercer has carved out a niche in the ring world, combing resin with materials such as solid gold and silver to craft one-of-a-kind accessories. Now, her Fall/Winter 2021 range has dropped at Très Bien, following on from the store’s SS21 range that featured Mercer’s designs alongside rings from Bleue Burnham and Seb Brown.

In her usual style, these solid silver rings feature resin cut-outs in organic shapes that are seldom replicated, meaning each piece is going to be slightly different from the next thus making them each a one-off. Her handmade approach produces a ring that’s got a hard and soft language to it, something that looks and feels premium while offering the fluidity of resin for a natural, organic aesthetic.

The resin options on offer are either clear or black, looking like puddles laid into the silver that encompasses it. On the interior of the ring you’ll find all the appropriate hallmarks noting its solid silver credentials.

Both of Ellie Mercer’s rings can be seen above and purchased from Très Bien now for $450 USD each.

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