Elisabeth Moss uncovers a dark truth in the twisted first trailer for The Shining Girls

Apple TV+’s new ‘metaphysical thriller’ stars Elisabeth Moss as a journalist on a mission to uncover the identity of a man who attacked her.

If there’s one thing Elisabeth Moss is particularly good at, it’s delivering the kind of dark and twisted performance that’s guaranteed to keep you on the edge of her seat.

From her career-defining performance in The Handmaid’s Tale to her portrayal of Cecilia Kass in The Invisible Man, Moss is the kind of actor who will always give it her all. And if the teaser trailer for her new Apple TV+ series The Shining Girls is anything to go by, she’s done it again.

The trailer, which was released on Friday alongside a first-look image of Moss in action, introduces us to the life of Kirby Mazrachi (Moss) – a Chicago-based newspaper journalist who is forced to put her journalistic ambitions on hold after she endures a traumatic assault.  

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“Everything is like always. And then it’s not,” Moss can be heard telling a friend, as we see different versions of her character flash across the screen.

From here, however, things get a bit more complicated. Not only do we get a glimpse into the kind of “blurred reality” the show’s synopsis promises (seriously, it’s a little hard to keep up), but we’re introduced to the elusive man who attacked Kirby and, as she discovers, a number of other women.

“He’s nobody. He’s all the time,” Moss’ voiceover adds, as the camera zooms in on her face. You can watch the full clip below: 

If one thing’s for sure, The Shining Girls looks pretty intriguing – and we can’t wait to see a full-length trailer closer to the show’s air date on 29 April this year.

As previously reported by Stylist, The Shining Girls is based on the 2013 book of the same by Lauren Bukes, which follows Kirby on a mission to uncover the identity of her attacker after she learns about a number of cases that mirror her attack. 

Indeed, as the show’s official synopsis reads: “When Kirby learns that a recent murder mirrors her own case, she partners with seasoned, yet troubled reporter Dan Velazquez to uncover her attacker’s identity.”

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It continues: “As they realize these cold cases are inextricably linked, their own personal traumas and Kirby’s blurred reality allow her assailant to remain one step ahead.”

As well as appearing in the series, Moss has also taken on the role of director and executive producer. She’s joined as executive producer by Bukes, Leonardo DiCaprio and a number of other names.

On-screen, Rocketman’s Jamie Bell, Narcos’ Wagner Moura and Hamilton’s Phillipa Soo also star. 

Image: Apple TV+

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