Edwin SS22 Showcases the Nature of Confinement and Freedom

For the Spring/Summer 2022 season, Edwin is back with a collection that showcases the nature of confinement and freedom.

From Japan’s love hotels to the Orion Nebula, the collection draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources to create a collection of vibrant pieces. Collection pieces like four-pocket jackets, psychedelic button-down shirts, knitwear, tactical vests and more continues Edwin’s blend of military and workwear styles. Highlights of the collection include animal print sweaters and printed button-down shirts washed in shades of salmon, cobalt blue, turquoise and more.

The collection’s attention to varying patterns and fabrics comes to life through pants with Japan-inspired graphics and ink-painting designs on cotton shirts. Additionally, the brand stays true to its roots with a refreshed premium Japanese denim offering.

Take a look at the collection above that is available now on the brand’s website.

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